Keira Lee Official Website

Keira Lee's Official Website is currently closed. The only way to get Keira's picture sets and full movies now is to ask her privately. Miss Keira Lee can sometimes be found chatting on a Filipina webcam website under the username Babycake.

About Keira Lee

Keira Lee is a busty girl from the Philippines. She has done many photoshoots already, many with her friends and even her sister Tera Lee.

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Keira Lee Tera Lee Alma Chua
Gogo Bar Auditions
Keira wearing a sexy black bikini that says sexy on it.
tight body
Keira Lee has a very tight body here. Just look at how solid her tits fill that bikini.
Keira Lee holding a rainbow colored umbrella and looking mighty fine.
The pregnant dress is wierd but Keira can ride my saddle anytime.
Keira Lee looking very sweet at the top of this mountain
Keira in the jungle, posing naked by the hut.
hot pants
Keira in some hot red pants and a tied up dress shirt.
Keira Lee photoshoot in the trees. She is a flirt, not a slut.
black bikini
Keira Lee photoshoot by the pool. She is wearing a sexy black bikini.
Keira Lee in a bdsm fetish uniform. Get ready to be spanked by Keira
seductive Keira
Keira Lee in an ugly green uniform, but very seductive still.
Some pictures of Keira Lee by the shrubs.
Keira Lee on the patio. She is on the patio furniture.
Keira Lee is a sexy cowgirl. I wish she would ride me like a cowgirl too.
Keira Lee takes off her bikini at my swimming pool.
Keira Lee wearing sexy black lingerie waiting for you in bed.
Nurse Keira Lee will fix your erectile dysfunction.
Keira Lee in an Egyptian princess uniform.
Exotic Keira
Keira Lee in a belly dancer uniform.
Keira Lee Red Couch
Keira Lee posing like a sexy Filipina on a red couch.
Sister Keira Lee
The two sexy sisters Keira Lee and Tera Lee.
In The Closet
There is a sexy Pinay in my closet.
Sexy Tits
Busty Keira Lee showing her sexy tits.
There is a sexy Filipina in front of a bungalow.
Long Hair
Nice Poses, but her head hair is too long.
Round Tits
Keira showing her nice round tits.
Shower Time
Keira showering herself with the Asian toilet spray.
Outdoor Fun
Keira revealing some nipples outside.
In The Pool
Keira is in the swimming pool with pink bikini.
Wild Poses
Amazing what poses Keira can do with a tree.
Blue Lingerie
PJs means almost bed time for Keira Lee.
Black Dress Pool
Keira Lee wearing a black dress by the pool chair.
Army Bikini
Keira posing in a jungle wearing army bikini.
Black Stockings
Keira Lee in revealing black stockings and oily tits.
Taking Out The Oil
Keira Lee in a blue dress. Takes it off and puts some oil on her tits.
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