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Alma is a very famous Filipina model. She worked as a bargirl, before going into nude modelling and acting in porn.

Alma's most notable feature is her huge natural breasts. Big tits are very rare to find on skinny Filipinas, so her naked pictures proliferated on the internet.

According to the underworld, Alma didn't want to become too famous. She has since retired from the adult world to live a low profile life in the Philippines.

During her career, she did many photoshoots and several movie scenes. Her amateur movies include straight porn, masturbation, threesomes, and strapon fucking boyfriend scenes. Her entire archive all be found exclusively at TeenFilipina.



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Alma Chua and Janet in hot lesbian action.
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Alma Chua pinches her nipples in the shower.
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Alma Chua lathering up her huge tits in the shower.
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That bra can hardly contain Alma Chua's famous giant boobies.
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Alma Chua puts on a strapon and kills her boyfriend's ass.
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